Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 313 The Torah of Kindness

Dear friends,

Beth Moore is a bible teacher extraordinaire. I have gained greatly from her gift of taking scripture and making it accessible, and from her humility and deep respect for the living word of God. Today I was at a simulcast where she was teaching 125,000 women all over the country and in 11 other countries, and as usual she hit one out of the park. The subject: having a "law of kindness" on our lips from Proverbs 31:26. The Great One used her mouth once again to transmit truth in a direct and inspiring way. I know for myself that kindness is not always the law of my speaking and dealings. But I want it to be. And by the grace of God, it can be.

I'm an expert, though, on receiving kindness. I've experienced it time and time again over these past 10 months. It has revolutionized my view on what the people of God can be, indeed ought to be, and for that I am grateful. I wish to take my place in the army of love that pulled me out of the trenches and went to bat for me mightily. Everyone has their particular part to play in dishing out the loving kindness of God, and it will play out differently for each person. More important than what we do, however, is the disposition in which we do it. No one wants help from a sour, miserable giver. But from a good natured, cheerful friend even a cup of cold water feels like the gift of kings.

This very day, Pat E. and MBJ cared for me with prayers and comfort for the still difficult fallout from the crushing disaster of November 8. I felt loved and understood by these 2 wise, beautiful women who have and are experiencing their own brand of trouble. I can't tell you how powerful it was to hear their understanding of the lingering grief I am still processing, and sometimes even feeling guilty about, what with all I have to be grateful for and all the grace that has been showered on me. But here's the thing. We're not over it til we're over it. I don't care what the thing is. And it makes me much more understanding of folks still grappling with troubles from many moons ago. I'm not saying we shouldn't make every effort to press hard into God for healing and recovery. We shouldn't wallow in our stuff. But there are moments when pain is raw, and needs TLC, not a lecture. Or a look. I have not received any of those negative things. But I am surrounded by exceptionally gracious people. I pray I will never be one to say "get over it". That would make me one lousy hypocrite.

Lots of learning today, so I'm tired. Glad to be here with my darling Hercules, Hannah the Overcomer, Joseph the Inquirer and David the Delightful. I love these people I live with, with all their flaws - and believe me, they come in second through fifth in that category in my house. In the lesson on kindness, no one should benefit more from the good changes we make than these dear ones we share our lives with. May the law of kindness be on my lips toward them first of all.

A shout out to two precious ladies who went with me to the simulcast today. What an honor to spend the day with Cara, so sincere in her desire to hear more from God that she spent the whole day at the conference after having worked from 7pm to 7am the night before! And Georgia, willing to come to something very different from what she is used to in the Greek Orthodox Church. Willing to be challenged in a new way. How is it God takes the likes of me and puts me around these awesome people? He must really love me... Oh yeah, He does! And not to sound too cliche, but He loves you too. Alot. No one can beat Him in the kindness department. To quote the cowardly lion, "not no way, not no how..."

Be kind to one another, dear fellow travellers...

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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MTB Man said...

How true. And in a case like ours, a death of a child, do you ever want to "get over it"? Oh sure, there's point where you accept the "new normal" but the ache is always there. In times past, it was even a practice to pretend the person never existed. Can you imagine?
It is truly a blessing to have understanding friends along side you.