Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 306 The Amazin'

Dear friends,

Technology may drive me crazy, but it really does amaze. Stephen's not even home from the Mets game, and this photo came by email from Bob L.'s phone. Good lord, my grandmother would have dropped her polish stew on her lap seeing all this stuff. I mean, she lived before there was TV! The electronic world has its ups and downs, but one thing is for certain: it will never replace what you see in this photo. Relationship. The Great One placed that need in the human heart, and no cyber cookie skypey jpeg anything can trump it. So use technology, but have friends. That's my helpful tip for the day. Oh, and another stunner: the Mets actually won! Happy day for Hercules. And for me, not having to hear the sad drama replayed step by gawd awful step...

Officer Ernie, my favorite cop, has the invites in hand. He's the man who knows the peeps. He'll get our dessert nite word out to the host of folks that were responsible for saving Stephen and Hannah at the scene on Rte 151 and Miller Rd. We're even working on tracking down the helicopter medics. I'm praying we'll reach everyone who helped. It's a tall order, but nothing is too hard for God.

I'm noticing the trees turning a little golden, the days getting quite a bit shorter, and the quality of light changing with that autumnal equinox kind of feel to it. I better make this short, because I had a crowd for dinner tonite (it was sheer delight!) and we are clean out of milk. A Stewart's run is on tap before the man returns from Citi Field and I no doubt fall asleep on the couch. This blog tonite is the patchwork of a jumbled up mind. But you've known that for 10 months now. And you've put up with me all the way. Awesome friends. And we meet through technology. How it does amaze...

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


P.S. Check out the side bar for info on the dessert nite. And please help me by finding folks you know helped but don't read this blog. Thanks a million!

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