Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 231 The Downfall of Saul Looks for All

Dear friends,

Domino is trying to climb on the laptop while I write to you this evening. Her sharp little kitten claws are digging in to my legs, and she keeps hopping up and tickling my neck with her whiskers. She wants my attention. Undivided. I guess it's all about relationship even when you're a cat. Of course the motives are different, but the same outcome is desired. We're looking for some love. Still, one must remember that perfect quote regarding felines:

"Dogs have owners. Cats have staff".

Ain't it the truth.

I thought I'd tell you about one of my greatest fears. I was reminded of it while reading the biblical story of Saul, Israel's first king. More than any personal tragedy, (though the thought of another car accident does give me pause), more than financial loss or disease or death, I tremble at the threat of becoming proud. Now I know I have committed this foulest of sins more than once. But to have it become part of my character, and worse, to be blind to the thing, that would be the worst darkness imaginable.

Saul started out a humble man. In fact when I read the account today of how Samuel was in town to anoint Saul king, I noticed for the first time ever (having read the story more than once), that Saul actually hid in a pile of luggage to avoid being noticed. It was a very long descent from his comment to Samuel about his being from the smallest of Israel's tribes, to his arrogant attitude years later of keeping back some spoils God specifically told him to leave alone, and taking his anger out unrighteously on a young David. I have seen the mighty fall too, here in the 21st century. And I am far too aware of my own capacity to "think more highly of myself than I ought" or to practice the other side of pride, thinking too little of myself. Best not to think about ourselves much at all. Best to be grateful for our blessings and talents, and to celebrate those of others, and simply go about the business the Great One gives us to do. Anyway, that's what I'm thinking about today. Arrogance is one ugly sucker. And it chills me to the bone.

My darling Smitty is sporting summer clothes. Talk about no arrogance, the man couldn't care less that his legs are, well, unattractive. I smile, though, seeing how beautifully that skin graft is healing, and I take pride (I think the right kind, not the ugly kind) in knowing I helped a little bit to keep that leg in one piece. Most of the credit goes to Dr. Bagchi, and all of it ultimately goes to the One and Only, who works the molecules and antibodies in the inspiring way He set up the healing process. May He be forever and ever praised!

Hannah has a piece of glass emerging from her hand. This could continue to happen for years to come. Some days the 8th of November is as fresh as the sound of the helicopter on the roof I still hear at the hospital from time to time. There's no running away from the process, there is only going through. Remember when Sister Laurie said "If this mountain won't be moved, we're going over it". With all of you, we have, we are, and we will. The glass is working it's way out. And so are we.

Domino is now purring in my ear, and making another attempt to hit the delete key before I finish. But I still have a much larger brain than her, and I think I can still outwit the adorable little thing. Though she will certainly take all money in the chipmunk catching contest...

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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