Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 207 - Catching Up With Old Friends

Dear friends,

As Charlotte used to say in 'Charlotte's Web', "Greetings and salutations!" This is
Stephen, filling in for my lovely bride who is currently lying on the couch with a terrible headache. She tried to post tonight but just couldn't, so I'm taking over.

I had a good night tonight. Georgia (a friend that I work with) and I were both invited to go the the retirement party of a fine man that we worked with for years, Dick. It was very nice of the people giving the party to invite us, as we haven't been with the company for nearly six months. The food was excellent, the company stellar and the evening was delightful. Over the past twenty-one years I've worked with Dick for thirteen of them. He never spoke ill of others and he was always was fun to work with. He seems to know at least a little about everything under the sun and we used to have some great conversations over lunch at my old company. Possibly the highlight of the festivities tonight was his recitation (from memory) of the classic 'Casey At the Bat'. One more good thing about Dick - he's not only a great baseball fan, he's a Mets fan. It was also terrific to spend some time with others that I used to work with, some of whom had visited me in Sunnyview (as Dick did, twice). I've been blessed to work with some great people over the years.

Isn't it nice that our Father in Heaven never falls out of touch with us (though we might fall out of touch with Him sometimes)? He doesn't need a special occasion to spend time with us, all He needs is our attention. He never has to wonder what's become of us, where we're working now, or see if He can track us down on Facebook. Not only are we constantly on His mind, but we're constantly on His heart, and we're the apple of His eye! Isn't it absolutely amazing to think that the Creator of the universe, and the One who keeps is spinning, thinks about us and loves us? It is to me - amazing and true.

Tomorrow will be another full day. I'll be going to see the Mets play at their new stadium, Citi Field, and I'll be going with two good friends and my twin brother. Hopefully we'll have good weather, a good game and a blessed time.

I'm sorry that the post is short tonight, friends. I was out until eleven o'clock tonight and I want to get to spend a little time with my bride before bedtime. Thank you for your faithfulness in checking in with us! I wish you all a blessed night and a blessed day tomorrow. [Even the Yankee fans among you! : ^ ) ]



Anonymous said...

enjoy ur day tomorrow steve!!! u deserve it! hope ur bride feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a wonderful time at the game. It's not looking like the weather will be great but it's the company that counts.

Feel better Loriann.

Anonymous said...

This yankee fan wishes you and Frankenfoot an enjoyable mets game, (see, we're not all bad!) Hoping that headache is long gone.
Patricia Williams

Mary Louise said...

Stephen, Thanks for filling in. You're a pretty good pitch hitter! I hope the rain misses you at the game. We had wilting humidity for the child's soccer game today. Maybe we'll join the granddaughter in her kiddie pool.....