Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 213 Trailmix of Thoughts

Dear friends,

Some days, things are choppy, aren’t they? It’s not one smooth narrative from sunrise to goodnight. Perhaps, in fact, most days are like that. We put structures in place to give rhythm to our lives, and it helps. But you simply can’t tie everything up with a neat little bow and say, “Ah, here’s my perfect, orderly little life”.

So, in the spirit of the jumble, my post tonight is a series of random snapshots from Meadow Lane.

1. David John, my mighty 12 year old, is on an overnite field trip with his Daddy. He got to pretend to storm the Fort at Ticonderoga this morning (definitely what a boy wants to do), and then went to Sonrise Lutheran Camp for a day of group games, waterfront fun and a campfire. (Smitty's not storming anything with Frankenfoot and Mr. Cane, but he was there!)

2. I decided it wasn’t my job to run the Universe today. Excellent decision.

3. Trish Regan, nurse extraordinaire, is back to work. Thanks for the prayers for her. To top it off, in a wild rush of sympathy, her husband bought her a new car! I think I feel a hospital stay coming on...

4. Next week is Regents exam week. The mood among teenagers in my house might be a bit strained for the next few days…

5. Joe’s band has been selected to be among the groups to appear at Towasentha Park in Guilderland for the Nervosity concert on June 18. Go to for details.

6. I’m Jones’n for Panera’s black bean soup and a Greek salad.

7. Sang “Crown Him with Many Crowns” a bunch of times today. Here’s my favorite verse:

"Crown him the Lord of years, the Potentate of time,
Creator of the rolling spheres,ineffably sublime.
All hail, Redeemer, hail! For thou has died for me;
thy praise and glory shall not fail, throughout eternity."

How about that phrase, “ineffably sublime”? You don’t hear that much in 2010. It would never appear as a text message. Ineffable means “unable to be expressed in words, indescribable”. Sublime means “awe inspiring, majestic, of high moral excellence”. That about sizes it up concerning the Great One. Singing that song helped me greatly with point number 2.

Fragmented or not, I’m glad for life and hope. I’ve got lots of reasons to sing. We all do. Sing all the louder when the clouds roll in. Stick it to the darkness.

I'm ineffably grateful that you keep walking with me...

Your fragmented friend on the pilgrim road,



MTB Man said...

Old hymns rock!

Item #2. Yeah, that's funny! :-)

Cindi = ) said...

Loriann - I "ineffably" love you! Girl you don't know what God does for my soul with your blog! You crack me up too! It feels so good to be out of my "sewing cocoon" and participating in the world around me once again. Soaking in your words a tad less hurried! Thanks so much for coming to the wedding, especially without the accompaniment of your right hand man! So glad Steve had a great time! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO