Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 208 Weddings and Winning: A Sunny Kind of Day

Dear friends,
My main squeeze did a wonderful job pinch hitting for me yesterday. I had the mother of all headaches, the kind that make you want to hurl the minute you lift your head off the pillow. This was a wicked one, laying me out flat and keeping me from my bloggie pals. It pounded. It throbbed. And if you haven't figured out that I'm a drama queen after these 208 days, you must be dipping into Smitty's unused Vicodin. Oh well, as Popeye would say "I yam what I yam".

So there were a couple of exciting events in the Smith family today. I went to a love filled, joyous wedding. When I say "I", I mean without Hercules. It's not that he wasn't invited. And the photos probably give it away. But we'll get to that in the next paragraph... The nuptial stars were Princess Katrina and Knight in Shining Armor Tommy. Officiated by the ever fabulous Pastor Dave the Humble, this was a wedding to remember. The father of the groom, Tom Sr., surprised no one while he stood awash in tears as his daughter and son in law sang a lovely wedding song to his firstborn and his new wife. The wedding gown was made by the groom's mother (as were the other dresses), Miss Cindy, one of the most gracious, sweet and honorable woman I know. A few highlights of the night: Aaron the Strong from our table won the dance contest! This former marine could probably eat nails for dinner, but he's a gentle soul who loves the Great One with all his heart. I also sat next to Fleet Footed Sue, who I followed to get through the Electric Slide. (I think I finally had it by the end...) Suzie is one of those folks who make you smile long after you've left their presence. How I got put at the table with these top drawer folks, I don't know. And I also sat with Big Brother Dave, Suzie's husband and a remarkable encourager among the many at DFGC. Anyway, I'll say it again, I am honored to do life with the likes of people like these. Blown away by the goodness of God to a middle aged girl who talks too much and moans and complains to a man with multiple fractures about a headache. Crazy.

Speaking of that miracle man, you may have guessed that the reason he wasn't at the aforementioned wedding is because the New York Mets sent him 4 free tickets to a game at Citi Field. After Brian the Kind gave Steve that care package he solicited from the Mets (remember that from way back in December?) after the accident, Smitty called to thank the organization for their generosity. They responded by offering him tickets, and in a special VIP section, no less!

Well, he went today with his twin brother John, Big Bill the Best, and Dynamite Jacob. They got their hot dogs, had great seats, and miracle of miracles, the Mets won! (No D train to the Bronx needed this time, Darling Hugh!). The sun shined despite tornado warnings, and I believe with all my heart the Great One smiled on these big boys going to see the great American game. The crack of the bat, the green of the diamond, the seventh inning stretch, mean so much to me today, because the dear one of my heart was able to enjoy his favorite sport when almost 7 months ago he was, as one nurse put it, "circling the drain." God is absolutely, indescribably matchless in every way.
So, we continue on the road, with these refreshing pit stops along the way. I delight so much in sharing my life with you. It's been one of the sweetest joys in all of this bramble to relate my ups and downs to my friends across the cyber miles. You make me glad, gladder than any of my sad.

Weddings, your team winning a baseball game, and friends along the way. Car crashes, lonely nights, struggling children. Life is such a mixed bag.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Tom S said...

Great to hear all the joy!

I took the liberty of stealing your photo of S & J at the stadium (and some of your words) and posted them on my Facebook page....

MTB Man said...

ha, ha. You're funny! Along the same lines,(i.e. getting good from evil) check this post: