Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 225 Roller Coasters, Raina and Relationships

Dear friends,

I rode the roller coaster today. I mean literally (for a change)! David's class picnic was at The Great Escape, and momma took on the comet first thing this morning, after half a Dramamine, of course. Roller coasters are perfect analogy vehicles, well used since their inception by literary types looking for a metaphor. At once exhilarating and scary, unpredictable and full of ups and downs, roller coasters make you gulp and shout. I had a wonderful time.

Later in the day, David twisted my arm to go on the Tornado, a water park ride where you are vortexed down into a pool while seated on a raft. In my case my companions were 3 twelve year old boys who had as much fun hearing me scream as spiralling downward into the funnel. If it weren't for the freezing water, I would have done it again. My young thrill chaser is good for getting me off the couch and into the fray. God bless that baby boy of mine!

So here are a couple of snapshots of David with his pals, Robbie and Joshua, both of whom he has known since birth. These three musketeer's have hearts of gold, and give me hope for our future. I can only imagine the plans of the Great One for these special boys. I love the side of God I see in these guys: spirited, without guile, affectionate, brave... a wonder of creation! I could do without some of the bathroom humor, but every age has its blip on the radar screen.

Tomorrow we will pick up the new addition to our family (remember the kitten I promised the kids?), and without a doubt, photos will be attached for your viewing. Most kittens are rascals (like most 12 year old boys), so we'll see how Cosette, world's greatest cat, adjusts to her new relation. Hopefully the new whipper snapper won't use her claws on my beautiful Adirondack quilt!

Tired from the sun, the walking, and the general fatigue amusement parks impart. (Can't complain too much, we got in for $15). More than anything, I was glad to have time with 2 of my dear friends (Robbie and Josh's Mom's), and those one-of-a-kind-boys. Relationships, folks. They make the roller coaster ride a blast.

Now for news, on the march: Remember Peter the Great, my favorite techie, who along with Pastor Greg the Amazing set up a video link between Hannah and Steve when they were both hospitalized? Well, Peter's wife Sarah (one of our dear bloggies), gave birth to her 2nd child while we were whizzing around on carnival rides. Raina June Deeb (I hope I spelled it right) stepped into her destiny today sporting 8 pounds, 15 oz. Her Grandma was with me at Great Escape, rejoicing over yet another Deeb. (And believe me, there are plenty of them!) Raina, may the Great Lord of All, Jesus of Nazareth, make your pilgrim road one for the record books. May your mountains be conquered with all the grace He gives, and your joy be full in every valley you will ever pass through. You come to the world already loved. A million blessings to you, darling girl!

What a wild ride. Sometimes, like when babies are born, it takes your breath away.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

im so exicted you had a good time with your son!! you deserve it! you are the #1 mom to me, and u deserve nothing but the best....i have 3 children of my own and do EVERYTHING with them! kids are precious and they grow so fast so u have to spare the child hood with them :)

Mortimer said...

Don't worry, Bunny Smith Please - I doublechecked and you did indeed spell 'Deeb' correctly!
Glad I could help!

sarajofina said...

thank you loriann! my mama's heart was blessed by your prayer for our "little" raina. and yes, you spelled it perfectly! can't wait for you to meet her :)