Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 216 Ease on Down the Road

Dear friends,

Talk, talk, talk. Too much of it comes out of the radio. The TV. My mouth. Stephen and I talked in the car today about how difficult it is to be quiet and listen to the Great One. It’s much easier to present our requests and even to worship God, but to hush up is contrary to the insane pace of 21st century life. Pastor Dave the Humble spoke this morning about a number of challenging things (whew, very challenging!) one of them being the time required to simply be with God, and how our culture works against that on so many fronts.

Some things simply can’t be rushed. I’ve been experiencing this first hand walking the pilgrim road of healing with Stephen and Hannah. Hannah’s had a rapid fire recovery, with hills still to climb. Brains repair on the cellular level, molecule by molecule, second by second, marching along through time. The child is a walking miracle, perhaps an overused term but dead on accurate. Her father’s healing is paced by heaven too, blood vessels reforming, lymph glands pumping fluid out of his still swollen ankle, scars becoming less red and more pink. We could scream at the cells and demand they heal, we could coach the bones to add bulk, but ain’t nothing going to speed this baby up. Some things simply can’t be rushed.

I’ve found sitting in my rocking chair and being quiet for 2 minutes to hear from God to be demanding. It takes a discipline I lack. But I continue on because the prize is so great. Sometimes I’ve found I don’t hear thing one from Him while I’m making the effort, but then later in the day, or week, when I least expect it, the Great One will take some little experience, or story, or person, and make the word of God pop up like a jack in the box and make all kinds of sense. You can’t rush God. And you can’t tell Him how to do anything. Like Aslan, “He’s not a tame lion, after all…”

On the fun side:
Here’s another random sentence that came out of my 12 year old’s mouth on the way to church this morning: “Did you know lizards can lick their eyes?” Good gravy, I love that kid. He’ll never let me take myself too seriously.

It takes time to write here every night. Believe me; I know this isn’t Shakespeare you’re reading. But I thank you for sticking with me. And I am grateful to the One and Only for giving me the power to do what He said: keep it going til November 8. One day at a time. Some things simply can’t be rushed.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

Thank you,Loriann...Another Pilgrim(Joan,the gardener)

johandav said...

Joan the Gardener, you must be in your glory! I remember the tulips you brought to Hannah's room in November... Thanks for being a loyal, faithful friend!

By the way, I need some gardening tips in a big way...

YOur friend on the pilgrim road,