Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 228 The Roo Turns 17 Far, Far Away...

Dear friends,

It's almost midnight, so here are some loose thoughts for tonite's blog.Joe turned 17 today! Here's a photo of him at age 4. He used to wear his cowboy boots to bed. Today, he's on his way to Alaska. I remember holding him for endless hours as a colicky baby, never thinking the day would come when I could be separated from him. Now he's practically on the other side of the earth... The Great One gets us ready for life's changes a minute at a time. And when they come suddenly, like they did on November 8, He applies copious supplies of grace to manage the upheaval.Sweet Johnny B. and Beloved Micaela came over tonite for Ranch Pizza (Yum). These two are some of our friends from the younger set. How we love them! And how we laugh and rejoice when we are with them! Sometimes I think I'm truly the most blessed woman in the world with the people in my life. Every one is a gift greater than any material treasure. Far greater.
Micaela was Miss Rejoice's 8th grade teacher, but really has been more like a big sister to her. Mic was there day after day when Hannah was in the ICU, caring for her, crying over her, and working out her own questions honestly and courageously with the Great One during that agonizing time. Micaela speaks fluent Spanish, and carried on many conversations with Hannah when she woke up from the trauma. (If you recall, Rejoice was speaking Spanish at that time. And singing songs from "Wicked". ) The love between these two young women is inspiring. My heart is full.
My dear bloggie friends, words can't express how deep and wide my gratitude goes for the people who have walked this pilgrim road with me, even long before November 8. Only eternity will reveal the limitless value of the relationships I cherish. You all are part of that patchwork of companions making up the quilt of our lives. Thank you, God Bless you greatly, and goodnite. I'll be here again tomorrow. You know the drill - until day 365. Thank you for all the yesterdays you have spent here with me. It still means the world to me.
Happy Birthday my precious Joseph. Only when you have a child of your own will you get a glimmer of how much Dad and I love you. I'm so glad our whole family is here to celebrate your life. The alternative was unthinkable. Our God is full of mercy and love.
Your friend (and your Mommy, birthday boy) on the pilgrim road,

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Joe. Bring back a snowball from Alaska for me.

Oh, and BTW, Loriann, you are not the only blessed one around here - don't you know that YOU - yes YOU -are one of the major blessings in many people's lives on this earth -especially ME! I love you, love you, love you. SOOOOO thankful for your friendship and love. Give kisses to the rest of the Smith's for me today. XXOO Mar