Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update 2/6/10 Day 90

Dear friends,

I'm getting frustrated with technology again. I tried to cut and paste something into the blog, and it wouldn't work on the laptop. It works on the desktop computer. I'm telling you, these things are the devil! Talk about a love/hate relationship. Even inanimate objects are a mixed bag. Unreliable. People are more so. Especially the one banging on the keys right now. I was reading that incredibly no-nonsense book in the Bible, James, and it says this: "Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights, in whom there is no varying, nor shadow of turning." Well acquainted with my own fickle ways, I cling to this truth about the Great One. He's dependable and steady. He's a rock in a hurricane. He is not rocked by my folly, neither the visible nor the part which only He and I can see. His love doesn't fluctuate. His commitment is relentless. If I didn't know it before, I do now. Ninety days after the typhoon of my life.

Today was a big day in the Smith house. Smitty made pancakes and sausages for the first time since the crash! Now you've got to understand, he cooked breakfast faithfully every Saturday morning since the kids were babies. It means a lot to him. And to them. David was delighted to go downstairs and get the electric griddle for Dad this morning. And there the man stood, our own darling Emeril (ha!), standing with his walker, flipping those flapjacks and shuffling about the kitchen, happy as a robin with the first worm of spring. AND HE MADE MY COFFEE! I could smell it from the bedroom. O happy day! It tastes so much better when he makes it. And you could almost hear the powers of darkness grunting in disgust as the Great One gives us back some of the simple blessings of home and hearth. I tell you the truth, even if He didn't, He is still so very good. But how grateful we are for these small pleasures. I can hardly wait til Tuesday, to go to the third floor at Sunnyview, and have Stephen walk up to his inpatient physical and occupational therapists. They will remember the day Hercules had to be Hoyer lifted into his bed. They will remember the first day he tried to stand on his left leg and couldn't. They will remember how he could barely lift his head, and couldn't put on his own shirt. This is the good stuff. Wait until he strides in there without the walker. That day is coming. The prayers keep coming too. Thank you!

Next Saturday, we will have the honor of having pizza with the great Daniel Lane, and his wife Becky and his little guy Cody. Dan is 23 years old, by the way. I mean, he could be my son! Imagine at 23 helping save a life! Astonishing. Anyway, we are so excited to be able to meet this family, and I will give them all a big hug from this incredible blog community. I feel the love you have for dear Dan. I hope he feels it too. You just know I'll get a picture to post. Wish I could have one of every single person who helped save their lives. Maybe we'll meet more of these folks. I sure hope so. I'm thinking a party will be in order at some point. The Great One loves parties. What with being made in His image and all, we love them too!

A little side note now from Hercules himself:

I have a prayer request for you all - and who better to ask than you faithful people? I had a rather long and serious talk with my daughter Hannah today. Now, I can't go into details of it because I would never betray her confidences, but I can ask you to please keep her in your prayers. Please ask our Heavenly Father to show you how you can show her love - that's what she needs right now. I think she's in the paradoxical position of not wanting to talk about the crash (because she doesn't want to be thought of just as "the girl in the crash") but also feeling that she's kind of drifted to the background because my wounds are so much more visible and because Loriann's sharing her thoughts with all of you lovely people here on this blog. Just ask "the Great One" (as my bride calls Him) to direct you on how you can love her best - but please don't let her know that I discussed this here. I know she is loved by all of you - I just want to make sure that she can feel it, as well. Thank you for your continued prayers - they're helping tremendously!

Back to the Mrs...

Brain injury throws all kinds of curve balls, and we are learning how to respond. We love our daughter more than words can say. The complexities of the mind, combined with trauma and adolescence make for a potent challenge. This recovery process is not neat and clean. Like us, it's mixed and varying. But the Great One has no "shadow of turning". For Him, the future on the pilgrim road is plain as day. What is foggy and steeped in the unknown for us is crystal clear to Him. He's got us. He's got all of us.

I love you greatly.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Anonymous said...

Coffee & pancakes and standing upright
What a beautiful sight to 'behold'
It reminds us all that the word of God is truly more precious than gold
With promises true for those called His own
And faithfulness well beyond measure
Your story continues to bless & encourage
This blog is a wonderful treasure

Loriann, thank you for your obedience & faithfulness to share your family's story and special thanks to Steve & Hannah for letting you share it. Thanks also to your precious sons..............

Sue Cummings