Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update 2/13/10 Day 97

Dear friends,
Just a short note tonite, but some beautiful pictures of some of the most excellent people on the planet. All are different, all are dear. What a Maker we have! People are the great joy of life, the essence of it all. The Great One made us for relationship - with him and others. How glorious are people! These particular ones are your people too. All are part of our blog community. I love them, and I love you.

Exhibit A: Some wonderful girlfriends who make life grand with pancakes and laughter. Sweet Sue, Fab Phil, Marvelous Mary Ann and Lisa the Brave.

Exhibit B: Smitty with Brooklyn Hugh, who brings light into every room he enters. Thanks for lending him to us for a few hours, Joelle!

Exhibit C: Here he is, the Great Dan Lane with his son Cody and wife Becky. This incredible young man was my army medic angel, and was instrumental in saving Steve and Hannah's lives. He, his little guy and his wife are every bit as dear as they look! God bless them as they move to Indiana for the Army, and from there, only the Great One knows. I'll miss them.

These are some true friends on the pilgrim road. I love all of you to bits! What a blessing to share our lives with all of you, those pictured and those not.
I will always be....
Your friend on the pilgrim road,
Sorry for the short text tonite. It got late.

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