Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Update 2/24/10 Day 108

Dear Friends,

This is my crab apple tree. The picture doesn't really do justice to its beauty, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. This little tree is the source of all kinds of delight here on Meadow Lane. In every season it makes us smile. Our winged friends use its branches as a hang out in between stops at the bird feeder. Children have spent many a happy hour perched in the triangles you see there. It is dwarfed by the gigantic tulip tree (barely showing in the picture on the left), but where it lacks the majesty of that massive flora, it makes up for it in perfect form and function. Both trees are fantastic. As with people, I say "vive la difference"! The Great One absolutely revels in variety. I continue to be astonished by His wonders. Especially the way he designs people. Agents of free will with the divine signature on each one. It's a big Wow! And it keeps life interesting. Very interesting...

My boys hoisted the shovels today, and I used the snow blower. It was killing Smitty to watch us all work, but I reminded him that canes, shovels and snow blowers don't mix. He did help me get the darn thing started, and once I got the hang of it it was actually kind of fun. I didn't have any interest in shoveling that heavy snow, so the strapping boys did that part. We had it all done in about 45 minutes. Since November 8th I've learned to do a few things I don't normally do. But next winter Steve can have at it. He may limp a bit, but he'll have the strength to snow blow. At any rate, as Mark Twain said "If you don't like the weather in the northeast, wait a minute..."

Steve and I have a rather big day on tap for tomorrow. I'll give you the update on tomorrow's blog, but send up some extra prayers for grace as we go about some stressful business.

Hannah Rejoice told me today she wants to, (gulp), color her hair. At first I started to panic inside, until she said she just wants to do one strand in red. Or she wants to do all of it in dark brown. But she only wants to use wash out color (phew!), so my anxiety level dropped quickly. Really, hair color is a small thing. And if it helps her express herself when doing that seems so very hard for her right now, then so what? Besides, since her mother is best friends with Miss Clairol, I am in the position of possibly appearing a bit hypocritical... But I digress. Yes, as shocking as it is to all of you, I digress...

We have a saying around here. As the day gets older, Smitty gets older. His poor feet and ankles look like mine did when I was pregnant for Joseph in June. Except his calves look just as puffy! He walks hunched over and each step is difficult. Getting his legs up, and using the wheelchair for a while does help some. It makes me really feel for those dear folks who have arthritis or other painful joint conditions. It's ironic to watch my sweet husband hobble along, and to see the star athletes at the Olympics do their feats of daring do like they are super human. What a wonder man is! What a greater wonder is the One who made him.

Well friends, it's time to get my young cub started with flossing, brushing etc... If I start him up now, maybe he'll be done in an hour. Anybody else have a doddler? Mine is the Olympic champ in procrastination. But I couldn't love him more.

Like my little crab apple tree, you my friends are a delight to my heart. Thanks for your abiding kindness and care.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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