Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update 2/16/10 Day 100

Well, I've got some distressing news for all of you faithful readers out there . . . this is not Loriann writing today's entry - this is Stephen! Since this is Day 100 we thought it would be nice to give Loriann the night off. Well, that and the fact that she's been really, really sick since she woke up in the middle of the night last night. So if you're here just because of her excellent writing you might be disappointed.

Our good friend Paul was over yesterday for the first time in a while (and to my embarrassment I forgot to wish him a happy birthday - the date clean slipped my mind!) and he quipped "Not many people can say that they learned to walk and learned to drive on the same day!" Loriann told you yesterday that I got to drive for the first time since November 8th. Well, earlier in the day I was in the kitchen making pancakes and sausages for the kids (sleep-overs galore this week because the kids are off from school!), and I took a couple of steps without my walker. Now yesterday I had tried that but I was only able to take baby steps (or Frankenstein steps) - today I was actually able to take relatively normal steps, if only three or four of them. It was exciting! I did it a few times during the day, pushing my walker a few feet in front of me and then walking up to get to it. Now, trust me when I tell you that I'm not walking like I used to - it's stiff and hesitant, but still it felt really good.

A funny thing was that when David woke up yesterday morning he told Loriann that he had had a dream that I was walking without my walker. Loriann told him that that was a dream that would come true. I know yesterday's walking wasn't the fulfillment of that dream, but it was a "step" in the right direction. (As my friend Mortimer would say "Wait for applause.")

The driving yesterday wasn't planned either. Loriann was test-driving a car (we're very much in the market for a second car now since my last one got in an accident - perhaps you've heard?) and when she pulled into the Columbia High School parking lot she pulled over and asked me if I wanted to drive it around in there for a bit. I was happy to see that I could get myself in behind the wheel of a normal sized car (not a van) and after driving around for a few minutes I felt pretty good and so I took it out onto the regular streets for about five minutes. Afterwards Loriann told me that I drove very well, which might have been the first time she admitted that about my driving! Walking and driving both - two milestones in one day!

Today was a good day, except for Loriann's being ill all day long. Loriann picked up a cane for me last night at Walmart's, and today I was using it to walk quite a bit around the house. I haven't used it to go upstairs (or downstairs) yet, but I expect that that day will be here soon. I studied for my upcoming exam and got to hang out with my kids some.

Sorry, but I don't have my bride's gift for seamlessly going from writing about the ordinary living of everyday life to writing about God's great love for us and his amazing, intricate plan. I do know that I've seen God's love clearly in the love of our family and our friends, and through the prayers, comments and e-mails of those people and people that we had never known before all of this happened. I can't say it as eloquently as Loriann can, but believe me when I say that I too treasure you all and thank you for sticking with us so faithfully!


P.S. Loriann told you last Thursday that I "walked up a few steps today". Just for the record I actually walked up an entire flight of stairs, then down the flight, then up and down it again. I felt that I needed to set the record straight! : ^ )


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of Loriann being sick but GREAT to hear from you! You're HERE to tell your (God's) story of His faithfulness to you, Hannah & your family. Considering where you were 100 days ago I'd say that's pretty amazing.Not only here but here & walking!!!!
Thanks for sharing I hope & pray your bride is feeling better very very soon! Sue Cummings

Anonymous said...


It is so good to hear from you.
Congratulations on your first steps and getting behind the wheel and driving! What an accomplishment from where you were 100 days ago!

Loriann calls you Hercules, but I call you the Miracle Man.

As I was reading your blog today, I heard the same song playing in my head that I heard that night 100 nights ago as we sat in the waiting room of Albany Med and prayed for you and Hannah. Here are some of the lyrics:

God of miracles, God of the impossible is here,
God is here.

God is here, let the broken-hearted rejoice (lift up your head).
God is here, let the sick say I am well (all sufficient One).
God is here, let the weak say I am strong (let the weak say I am strong).
God is here, His wonders to perform.

You and Hannah are 2 of the most wonderful miracles that God has performed.

He is and always will be the God that is here - wherever "here" may be. You & Hannah are proof that He still performs miracles.

We love you all,
Lorraine & Ernie

Anonymous said...

Walking and driving - AMAZING! So good to hear from you, Steve - although I am sorry to hear that Loriann isn't well. Can't tell you how huge my smile was as I read your account of walking without the walker. Before you know it, you'll be running, giving us all even more reason to praise the Name above all names! Your lives continue to encourage and bless. Love you all.
Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

I am not a prayer warrior, actually I have always been hesitant to give God specifics in my prayers. I feel like I'm praying 'right' when I speak his Word and not give Him too much direction. But, all that changed on Monday morning, Nov 9th. I overheard someone relaying information from the hospital on Steven's condition and I looked right at those believers and told them I would not be in agreement with any of it (I'm sorry I offended - it just came out) and once I was in my car, words to God came out of me like never before, I got very specific (Thank you Holy Spirit!!) and continue on like that to this day. Steven, I am thrilled like everyone else that you are walking, but I knew you were going to. The kind of knowing that only comes from God. Prayer changes things.