Monday, February 22, 2010

Update 2/22/10 Day 106

Dear friends,

Rumor has it it's going to snow. Living in upstate NY, that's not a surprise. What is startling is that we haven't had a significant snow all winter. My dear relatives in Virginia got whacked this year, but not here. Now it may seem odd to you, but I really believe all this lack of snow was a benefit right from the Great One to me. I love a nor'easter! But with wheelchairs and walkers, I petitioned the most high for a light winter. I'm certainly not the center of the universe, but I am a recipient of incredible mercy and grace. And this was just a bit of it. Now that Stephen is a little stronger, we can manage the snow a little better. I still hope it's not too much tundra. But whatever comes, I'm grateful for 3 months of clear roads and walks.

Hannah Rejoice saw Dr. Samaio at Sunnyview today. It was another follow up visit to track her progress with the brain injury. The good doctor said he thinks she may be able to go back to regular gym class in late April. At that point we'll be 6 months out from the accident, and he thinks she'll be ok to take a little more risk. She'll see him again then. It's tough on my daughter to go to Sunnyview. She would rather not think about any of this - the accident, the injury, the hospital stays. It's a reality I believe she will cope with better given time and healing. Remember, she's 14. There's a lot here for a young teenage girl to wrap her head around. But God will never let her go. He'll be her shepherd until she arrives in her green pasture.

Has anyone else noticed the prevalence of robins around this winter? Good gravy, I have seen flocks of them on my lawn more than once. Even in January! I look at this oddity with joy, like a little (or a lot) of spring in the midst of winter. That is what the love of so many was like for me during the long, dark winter this year. You were robins on the lawn in the midst of my winter! The Great One has kept me sheltered in the storm of my life. It's hard to describe, kind of like a dream. When I look back at the acute phase of it all, everything seems surreal. At the same time when I look back, I see a thousand faces of kindness. In all of that turmoil there was a gift I will cherish in my heart forever. It warms me to remember.

So, we continue over that mountain. Remember when Sister Laurie said "If this mountain won't be moved, we're going over it..." And we continue to do so. I knew from the start it wouldn't be quick and easy. But what we have gained along the way has been, dare I say it, worth the pain. And we will continue, all of us, to claim the spoils of love and peace and the glory of God until we've conquered the mountain altogether. Light will swallow up every particle of darkness. Hallelujah!

Tonite specifically I'm praying for some spring in your personal winter. Some robin on the lawn of your life. Hang in there my friends, no season lasts forever. They all give way to something new...

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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elena marcelle said...

how funny that u should mention spring.....i looked out yesterday and saw the reddest red breasted robin just sitting in our bare tree and thought "oh, this is a sign that spring is near".....thanks for the encouragement. blessings.....elena marcelle