Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 242 The Good Old Days

Dear friends,

"Reckless automobile driving arouses the suspicion that much of the horse sense of the "good old days" was possessed by the horse." Anonymous

Stephen and I took a walk in our neighborhood after dinner and met up with dear Flo, an elderly lady around the corner. She was with her friend Anna, whose husband died a few years ago, but left her with countless memories of trips all over the world and the warm blessings of a rich and meaningful relationship. Flo told us how her father was a pin setter for a bowling alley that no longer exists. (For you Delmar folks it was in the building now housed by Peter Harris). There was a feed store at the Four Corners (long gone), and a magnolia tree there that finally had to be cut down. Smitty and I revelled in their talk of "the good old days", and when I got home I wondered how I would look back on this year of my life. It made me glad to be keeping this public diary as a way to remember the thoughts and imaginings on this stretch on the pilgrim road.

Of course these past 8 months have not been "good" in the common sense of the word. Good in the language of the material world means prosperity, ease and comfort. But good from a non-material point of view can mean something entirely different. It can include the blessings of an easier road, but it goes to the heart of what really fulfills us: relationship - with God and man. And since that is the true currency of life, it is not necessary to always have things go my way. It's ok that there are struggles, and heartaches - and even disasters- because none of those things can destroy what really matters. So I believe that someday, when I'm as old as Flo (should God give me those years), I will indeed look back on these precious, beautiful, difficult times as the good old days.

At the recommendation of my much loved brother in law Tom, Smitty and I are going to begin watching the "Lost" TV series tonite. My cyber friends at the website
seem to love this show, so we're giving it a try. Once again, the Smith's prove they are true "hobbits". I'm surprised we don't have a round front door! Friday nite, in our living room, eating a special treat and watching TV. This is the exciting life on Meadow Lane. But we love it!

For the Great One, there are no "good old days". He sees everything outside of time, in a big, eternal now. One of these days it will be the same for all those who "long for His appearing". The past, present and future will be swept up in complete redemption, with all darkness and sorrow removed forever. Those will be the good new days. Until then, we walk the highway learning and growing, and with gratitude in our hearts, holding someone else up along the way.

Like you've done for me.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


PS My baby comes home from camp tomorrow! Can somebody say Hallelujah! I miss my David!

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