Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 235 Founding Fathers and Finding Our Way

Dear friends,

"A government of laws, and not of men."
John Adams

The news is riddled with stories of people who have lost their way. Stabbings, shootings, DWI, money laundering, affairs, theft, etc... In the realm of law, imperfect though it is, the Big Idea of America is the story of equal justice. The wealthy, in theory, are held to the same standard as the poor. The powerful and the weak must both stand before an impartial judge to be sentenced for their crime. Clearly in a fallen world, this system is deeply flawed. But isn't it interesting that somewhere inside us we understand the rightness of this type of justice. Justice is built in to the DNA of human beings. We may twist it, we may try to bend it for our own gain, but down where we really live we know it to be right. And thanks to the courage and tenacity of a rag tag group of brilliant, though flawed men (many of whom wore white wigs - what's up with that?) we have a nation standing on the shoulders of law, and not the whim of some crazy king.

The Great One is way ahead of us on this point. He told Israel they would be better off without a king, that a king would most assuredly go south and cause them no end of grief. He pleaded with them through the prophet Samuel to be governed by Him alone, but they wouldn't have it. And thus began the roller coaster ride of rotten kings and decent kings, but even the good ones had their Achilles heel. A just God won't even break his own law and violate the free will of man, no matter how stupid that man may be.

Anyway, when I consider the law, and how many have fought tirelessly for justice, I am humbled. I know it wasn't long ago that drunk drivers who injured or killed other people would receive a stern talking to, if that, and no jail time. Until finally some folks got their gumption up and said "enough". They, like our forefathers, spent their money, time and "sacred honor" to make the wrong, right. I love this country. I know it's a mess, but it's home. And there's no where else I want to live on this screwy, spinning ball. When I think of the men and women all over the world laying down all they are to keep us safe and free, I am flattened. May the Great One honor them, and may we remember them in our prayers all the time.

So today I am thinking of, and praying for Oscar Lewis. He has been in prison for 2 months. It is right and just that he should be there. This is, after all, a government of laws, and not of men. But don't think for one moment I feel glad about the fate of this poor soul. More than anything, I continue to hope for his redemption, and that the Great One will show His matchless grace to Oscar. Earthbound folk need laws, or sin would terrorize us in utter darkness. But the kingdom of heaven is about something even greater than the law: the power of grace. The law of God is good, but the law of Love is His highest law, trumping all others. Justice and mercy come together at the cross. Good thing for me. Good thing for all who break the moral code. That just about covers everyone...

Enjoy the fireworks! Enjoy the picnics! Remember those who made and are making it possible for you and I to live in peace. And as The Book says, "remember those in prison, as if you yourself were there..."

God Bless you all! And God Bless the USA!

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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