Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 294 My Man is THE Man

Dear friends,

Smitty just killed a hornet flying around my dining room light.

My hero.

It's funny that happened just before I sat down here to write, because I've been planning all day to tell you all a few fun facts about Stephen:

* When he eats pineapple, it makes him laugh. I'm totally serious.
* He once chased a bike thief and retrieved said vehicle for the little kid from whom it had been taken. (Steve's not the intimidating type, but you should have seen that kid exit the bike and run!)
* He drinks at least a gallon of water a day (this is not an exaggeration). At restaurants he kindly tells the waiters that to save themselves some work they ought to just leave the pitcher.
* He is very good at math and loves Sudoku puzzles. Here, he and I part ways...
* When I met the man, he had a mustache. That, my friends, had to go. I am simply NOT the facial hair type.
* He once caught me when I fell backward off a rock while we were hiking. If you had seen it in a movie, you would have said it was staged.
* On our honeymoon we went on a whale watch. He chowed down happily on clam chowder while I heaved over the side of the boat.
* The first time he looked in Joseph's eyes, he cried with overwhelming joy.
* On November 8th, 2009, he was in a terrible car crash. Oh wait, you know about that.
* He is a wonderful husband, an outstanding father, and a lover of God and man.
* He did all sorts of nice things for me when we were dating. He did all sorts of nice things for me when we were engaged. He's never stopped doing all sorts of nice things for me.
* If you approach him with a magnet, it will most likely fly and cling to one of his legs, or perhaps his elbow.

The Great One has "learned me alot" through the sandpapering process of being married to Smitty. I'm walking the pilgrim road with a decent, God fearing, one of a kind man. He is my very best friend. He's a gift that really does keep on giving.

And he's made me laugh every day I've known him, except for a few back in November... well, I guess he had an excuse...

That make you laugh thing, that's not little. Especially for a girl like me, who you could almost say was born with the blues. God knew all that, and set aside this particular fellow to be my very closest fellow pilgrim for life. How outrageously blessed I am.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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