Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 273 Amiable August

Dear friends,

Top ten excellent things about the month of August:

10. It is not February.

9. It's the month Jesse Owens stuck it to Hitler at the Munich games in 1936.

8. Steve's twin brother John married the sweet Bettianne in 1989.

7. Ice cream is the food of choice.

6. It is still, despite what everyone keeps saying, summer!

5. Those $50 sandals are $20 ($12.50 with a coupon).

4. You are 3 months away from shut down on my blabbing.

3. November brought breaks and bleeds, August brings health and healing.

2. American Idol is not on TV. (Sorry to the fans - just my opinion!)

1. Three words: Coast Guard Beach.

Just for fun, here's a picture of the one, the only, Jessica D. She's featured here eating ice cream at our Meadow Lane mansion, bringing with her that boundless joy which marks her person. She brought it with her to Albany Medical Center and Sunnyview Hospital too, back when it wasn't August and that indomitable good nature was so desperately needed, especially by Miss Rejoice. Jessica is going to a training base next month with Youth with a Mission in Ukraine. No doubt the people of Eastern Europe will never be the same once they meet this beautiful young woman, who displays the cheer and good will of the Great One!

Enjoy the rest of August, friends. T minus 5 days to lift off for the summer vacation we've been waiting for since Stephen woke up in the SICU lo those many months ago. Now you know I'll be posting a picture of Frankenfoot in the sands of Coast Guard Beach! And I will be thinking of you every day, as I always do. I am praying for you, friends. You certainly have for me.

Speaking of prayer, the situation is desperate for a man one of our dear bloggies, Laureen, brought to my attention. His name is Graham Stump, and he is a father of 2 young children. He sustained a traumatic brain injury (I don't know how - accident, stroke?-) but regardless he is not expected to wake up, and if he does, without a miracle he will be dependent on technology to survive. My heart is broken for this dear man's family. Please take a minute to bring him before the Great One. Also Steve's uncle (we love you Uncle Tom!) cares very deeply about the soul of a friend of his. Prayer is talking to God. "It don't got to be fancy". I'm telling you, with all the needs out there, we need a running conversation with the Great One. What good Father doesn't love to talk with His kids?

You guys are truly the cream of the crop. Enjoy August. It ain't over til it's over.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Stephen said...

"4. You are 3 months away from shut down on my blabbing."

Oh, wait - I'm not on Facebook? Well then -
: ^ (

Terrific post today, B!

Anonymous said...

link for Graham Stump