Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 277 I'll Pick Up the Cold Cuts at the Eastham Superette!

Dear friends,

My sore feet are up! There's still a bit more to do but my "dogs are barking" and I needed a little sit down after a day of errands and packing.

We've gone to Cape Cod every year since David was 2. I went as a young girl too. Our summer vacations are the subject of some of our sweetest memories. In fact, the picture of us on this blog page was taken last year at First Encounter Beach in Eastham. When Stephen woke up from 8 days in la la land, unable to move, just extubated, he looked up at the ceiling to see a poster of pictures from the Cape of his kids (put together by the now newly married Beth A.) When he smiled at that poster, I felt like everything would somehow be ok. About 5 minutes in, when I knew he recognized me, after he asked if Hannah was all right, I told him he was going to get better and that he'd put his feet in the sand at Coast Guard Beach this August. We repeated that challenge many times as he moved through Albany Med to Sunnyview, to home care, to fixator removal, to walking, to outpatient rehab where he is still working hard today. By the mind bending grace of the Great One, and a stubborn work ethic on the part of my husband, we will indeed make our way tomorrow to that peninsula sticking out of Massachusetts. Our morning walks to to the beach will be paced a bit differently, but there are no words to express my gladness that we are going to walk past Buttonbush trail, and Doane Rock, and then over the salt marsh bridge to the sea. My dear friends, I feel as if you have all been with me on this trail, and you will be in my heart as we walk that "road within our road". This trip is so much more than a vacation this year; it is a living symbol of all the Great One has done for us. May He be forever praised as King and Lord of All!

Please keep our fellow bloggie, Hugh R. in your prayers. You'll remember Hugh and his wife Joelle as our friends with the beautiful Brooklyn brownstone who opened their doors to us when we celebrated our anniversary. Hugh's dad just died after a long bout with cancer. The Holy Spirit is called "The Comforter." May these dear folks find His presence in their sorrow.

North Eastham or bust, tomorrow, very early. Gotta get over that Sagamore Bridge before it's backed up to the moon. I will try to find some WIFI when I get there, but I can't make a guarantee for Saturday. I'm going to work on it though. There's got to be a Starbucks somewhere, (not in Eastham, and that's actually good) and I'm a gold member, so I'm sure they can hook me up!

Thanks to my wonderful house sitter for taking care of my kitties, plants and birdies while I'm gone. And to my neighbors too for watching out for us. As soon as I can, I'll send you some photos from the loveliest place on earth. It is so NOT November. God Bless the summer. Like medicine to a weary soul.

Love you, love you, love you.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


P.S. Mostly just the cooler left to pack. First thing in the morning!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the sand and surf and make more memories to cherish.

denisevp3 said...

Look for the Library for WiFi. Bill sits outside the Dennis Library to use his computer!

Anonymous said...

Beach blogs and quahogs...doesn't get much better than that- I do so hope that there will be wavy,salt-water ocean beaches in Heaven...I'm overjoyed for you-In Him ,Joan(the "BCG"(notBFG))

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, plants??? Hope they're still alive when you get back, I give no guarantees! Killing plants runs in my family, but I'll do my best ;)
Jessica D.