Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 282 Make Like a Kite and FLY

Dear friends,
We forgot the kite at home, but we became human kites today! Yep, I finally did it. Parasailing over Provincetown, I looked down on the swirly little tip of Cape Cod and felt like the queen of the world. Of course, on the other hand, I looked out at the ocean and felt like an ant, so it all balanced out. It's sort of a story of the human condition. We think we're all that till we get enough perspective to see we're nothing but dust. We are both wildly significant and a small lot of nothin'. When the Great One dreamed us up, I wonder what He was thinking. I often wonder what He's thinking. Every now and then, when I read His book, I might get a little strand of that Mind above all. But it's like the ocean itself. Vast. Uncharted. Deep and full of mystery. Still, the shells on the shore have little stories to tell. Some of the stuff that washes in tells us a little more about what's out there...
Now Smitty, who is not fond of heights and is put together with glue and staples, was not planning on flying today. What got him was the thought of the grief he might have to put up with from certain male friends who will remain nameless, if the wifey and kids went up and he stayed on the boat. Whatever the motive, the man had the time of his life. Just look at those two "victims" and tell me you don't see "victors". Yes, there are still challenges, some deeply painful, but Great Scott, look at them! God gets the Glory, every drop of it. And all you folks, well you and the doctors and the nurses (thinking of you, Trish), get so much thanks. What a wonder!
Very short post. My brother is staying just a few miles from here and we're visiting. My nephew Sam pounded me in a game of Battleship, so I must get my revenge.
Thanks Jackie and Steve for picking up the baton with Joseph at home.
Take a look at my son on the boogie board! Keep in mind that water is 58 degrees. What a kid.
Talk again tomorrow, Lord willing and the crick don't run dry.
Your friend on the pilgrim road,

PS. Bill and Cindy, we are utterly spoiled. Thank you!


Tracy Rashford said...

The enormous smiles on your faces are priceless. It made my day!

Anonymous said...

I love it, You did it! What great pictures. Thanks so much for letting us all share in your vacation. You all look great!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Ya, Phyllis

diane said...

this is truly awesome!!!! and i don't use that word lightly!!!! victors, not victims - amen to that!!!! none of us have an excuse!!! thank you for your faithfulness in all things to the One Who is able to keep you from falling!!!