Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 329 Ten Now and Then

Dear friends,

Top ten reasons I'll miss doing this blog:

10. The great opportunity it affords to squirrel away into my Adirondack bedroom after dinner with a cup of tea.

9. The personal growth I've experienced in the areas of grammar and spelling via automatic spell check and that affectionate anonymous wordsmith commenter who taught me things like "derring do" instead of my feeble "daring do".

8. Where else can you vent about Walmart?

7. Running into people I don't know who know way more about me than I remember telling.

6. My checking account isn't getting killed by visits to a shrink

5. The mysterious technical glitches that come with cyber communication, like typing an entire paragraph, only to have it disappear into the virtual universe. (OK, this is sarcasm. I won't miss that part at all)

4. The connection I feel with all of you who read here. You are my homies forever. I owe you, big time.

3. Opportunity after opportunity to keep myself from becoming arrogant by sharing the really stupid things I've said and done.

2. The discipline of forcing the truth out of my brain onto (virtual) paper. Writers should write. Often. Even on the uninspiring days.

1. Telling you three hundred and something times that I am your friend on the pilgrim road. I am, and I always will be. You'll live in my heart forever.

I read in The Book today where the Great One reminds his people that if they will walk wholeheartedly with Him, He will bless them when they "go out and when they come in". I pray that for all of you this day. In everything you do, may you walk the highway with Him, and find the blessing that is the byproduct of living life with God. No matter what storms come your way.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Tom S said...

It has been a wonderful way to follow your family's progress after the nightmare esp. for those who live outside the Albany area.