Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 327 The Steepest Climb

Dear friends,

We spent the morning as we have for the past 3 years on the first Saturday of October. We hoofed it in the Jonathan Carey Foundation third annual walk for vulnerable children. The photos are Smitty with Mike and Lisa Carey, and Hannah (right) handing out shirts with her friend Jessica.

For all we've experienced with the "wreck of the Ciera", nothing compares to the Carey's heartache: the loss of a child at the hands of folks who should have been protecting him. Jonathan is in heaven, and for him it's all good. But Mike and Lisa must continue on every day without their precious son, and that is perhaps the steepest climb any human being can make.

These two dear friends have shown the power of the Great One in their attitudes and actions. Their loss didn't make them bitter, but by God's grace it's made them champions for justice for those the world would dismiss. I think of these children often, and I am haunted by the words of Jesus: "Many who are last shall be first..." We had best treat these dear ones among us like gold. The One who made them has already marked them for a special place in His gigantic heart.

I felt as fresh as the October air today seeing my Hercules do the entire walk, just as he did last year, if perhaps a bit more tired at the end. And there was Miss Rejoice, handing out tee shirts just as she has done in the past. How great is the grace of God! The funny thing is, Mike and Lisa Carey would say the same thing. When your hope is beyond what meets the eye you can experience excruciating pain and loss, and still carry that essential ingredient for survival - Hope! Because we know this life is a vapor, we can adjust to it as such, not expecting a trouble free existence, but we are thinking of the country we will be entering, that many of our loved ones have reached before us. This world is not our home...we're only passing through.

Dearest Jonathan, I can't wait to see you in heaven, there with the "least of these", elevated to the glorious pinnacles of the Great One's kingdom. Every wrong is made right, every crooked place straight, every tear wiped away. Until then, we walk the pilgrim road, inspired by the courage and tenacity of people like Mike and Lisa Carey.

Please pray for Smitty. He's having a problem with his right hand. Just hopeful it's not some hardware thing pinching a nerve or something.

Love you friends. Don't forget to go to and sign up for the Dessert Nite. We've got til the 14th now. Over 100 signed up so far. We want you all there.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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Patricia said...

Hey, Lori-Ann,

If I'm not mistaken (and, I admit, I may be wrong), I think this was actually the fourth annual Carey walk!! I was so glad to see you there, brief as our encounter was. Wasn't sure we'd make it this year as my 2 youngest ones are involved in soccer every Saturday morning, but we swung over to the park right after their games and arrived just in time for them to join the walk. I headed to the pavillion to help where I could in setting up raffles, etc. One day, I hope to do the walk...have a lot of work to do on me first (lose weight and strenghthen my knees and back!!)
Cannot believe Steve was able to do the walk this year--God's healing power has been truly astounding!!
For your dessert night, do you need any donated baked goods. I'd be happy to whip something up for you. Let me know what I can do.