Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Update 12/30/09 Day 52

Dear friends,

Hercules went to BJ's tonite to shop for all the stuff we've needed for the past 2 months. Thanks to brother Barrie the real necessities were acquired, but maple syrup, (large quantities needed for my pancake lovers), zip lock bags and buffalo busters (a must for New Year's Eve) had to be purchased. We arrived to find all the electric wheelchairs were dead, so the man wheeled himself around the store, directing me where to go with the cart. He always did the BJ's shop, so I'm lost in the warehouse. It turned out to be a really precious time with my husband. He was so happy to be doing something normal, and to be in charge of the thing. When we got home Joseph and his friends unloaded all our supplies, including 40 pounds of kitty litter. That's why God gave us 16 year old boys!

Stephen is performing magnificently in his physical and occupational therapy. His bending angle on his knee has improved, and he gets up and down onto his walker more easily every day. By evening his left leg is quite swollen. That's the leg with the skin graft. His body is trying to create new blood vessels, and it takes time for the vascular system to rebuild itself. At night he sleeps with that leg elevated above the level of his heart. In the morning the swelling is way down, and that's a relief. It's true: we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." I am always astonished by the human body. When things go wrong, it makes clear how incredible it is that things normally go right. And the healing process is remarkable.

Zabine brought Pakistani food tonite. Yum. Period.

Hannah saw Dr. Samaio today for her medical instructions going forward. Turns out she can't take gym class for 5 months. There is too much risk of getting bonked on the head. We simply can't take a chance. So the school will come up with a specially designed fitness program to meet Hannah's needs without the risks inherent in flying soccer balls, bats, or even human collisions. We will monitor her for tiredness, and do our best to help her through the transition. As always, I'm thankful for you prayer pilgrims out there, calling on the Great One to be Hannah's help.

No time for an old movie tonite. The Walker's paid us a surprise visit! We were so happy to see them. I remembered those many evenings they picked me up at Sunnyview and fed me while I wrote this blog on their couch. It's a vignette that will always stay with me. Tomorrow we'll most likely watch "The Sound of Music" or "The Apartment" (a fantastic Billy Wilder movie that won the Oscar in 1960). We'll eat our "picky foods" and watch the movie and thank the Great One for His incredible faithfulness to us in 2009.

I really long for 2010 to be a year where God is greatly glorified in the Earth. Where men see Him as the lover of their souls that He is. That goodness, grace, justice, mercy and kindness win the day in the people of God and in my own heart. I hope the pilgrim road is a bit more smooth, but I know better than to expect it. I most assuredly know that, bumpy or smooth, the Mighty One will be with us. Same goes for you. I hope your road is easy, but it may not be. I trust God to go over the rough places with you. I pray your views along the way will be breathtaking. Mine have been, especially the view of all of you. Wow.

Tomorrow we'll close out 2009. To say it's been eventful would be an understatement. But please stick with me when ball drops in Times Square...and beyond.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

Steve in BJ's!! THAT's a BEAUTIFUL THING!!!!! Wonderful news. Something normal. Yes, that's something to celebrate. Not surprised about Hannah not taking gym, though. Way too risky. Always feel free to call Ant when you know her physical parameters, and he will give you a complete workout for her if you'd like. I'm sure he'd love a visit from the two of you at the gym at Saint Rose.

You've all been heavy on my heart the last few days. Praying specifically for Steve's leg to be straight, and for Hannah's brain to have complete healing, and for her time back to school not to be overtaxing, and, of course, the phobia issue. And you, my dear Loriann, you are always on my mind, but after your comment the other day about the issues that surface AFTER all the big trauma is past - that is when my thoughts and prayers for your family went into high gear. That's when my heart got the heaviest. Much like the night of the accident, where I felt as though I was praying for my own husband and my own daughter to come past death's door. And I know that if I am feeling that burden so heavily, there are many others the Lord is burdening as well. He's so faithful to have us all work as a team, even though we're all over the earth. Even though the prayer burden feels so heavy, at the same time, the hope in my heart for you all is so strong. We have such a mighty God - words just don't do it sometimes. I just KNOW He will do it all. Love you, Smith Family. Your trials are working in all of us who know you (and many who don't) a new and deepening faith. Thank you, Loriann, for opening your heart to all of us daily, for letting us see and hear the depths and the heights of what trauma of this magnitude does to a family. It gives us that much more hope when we hear of the amazing, miraculous works of the Lord through it all. Thank you for all of the time you take to let us in on your life and the life of your husband and children. That transparency is always refreshing. It's why I love you so much. You're about as real as it gets, girlfriend. Hugs and kisses all around to the family. And Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Mary Ann

johandav said...

Mary Ann,

Faithful friend, you are a joy to my heart! I love you greatly.

Always your friend on the pilgrim road,