Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Update 12/2/09 Day 24

Dear friends,

Have you heard the tune "All I want for Christmas are my 2 front teeth?" That's Hannah's Christmas theme song this year. Except it's changed to "my 4 front teeth". The gentle Dr. Taranto fitted her today for a partial, and hopefully she'll have it before Christmas. The long range plan is being noodled out in Dr. Taranto's head, because Hannah is a bit young for implants. Like everything else on this road, patience is required. Will I ever get used to it?

Steve stood on his "good" leg for 10 seconds today instead of 5. How about a hurray! Let's keep praying for him to go "from strength to strength", and to find encouragement in the battle. His digestive system is still on the blink, which makes me sad. It stinks to feel crummy. But he's pushing through like a trooper. Today he enjoyed some of Chris R.'s chicken and rice leftovers and they were yum! By the way, thank you all for the meals. It's so helpful to have one less thing to think about! And to all of you sitting with my kids, God Bless You! What peace of mind to know they are safe and cared for.

Hannah was supposed to get her eye stitches out today, but Dr. Falk had an emergency surgery so she goes tomorrow. Then we're off to Sunnyview for her therapy and hopefully a visit with Dad. Steve's twin brother John is coming up from Connecticut for his weekly visit, which would be incomplete without that amazing Bruster's ice cream from his shop! Stephen so loves to see John. He's been such a great brother and a great friend through this rubble.

I heard the Hallelujah chorus from Handel's Messiah today in the background of one of my conversations. I absolutely love that whole composition. It reminded me that despite the fog I'm in, Christmas really is on the way. Soon, if I can get one arm free, I will put my blue candles in the windows (so peaceful), and start playing Christmas music and light a piney smelling candle. But how, oh how to decorate the tree without my dear Stephen? How to look at all the special ornaments from 21 years of love, without him there? How to hang the whale from our honeymoon (I did throw up on the whale watch) without his comment about the clam chowder? How to listen to "Baby's First Christmas" without Steve's rolling of the eyes and groaning? How to put the star on top, when that's his job? This will be a tough one. Especially for my precious children. Maybe especially for me.

At Christmastime, I've always loved the scripture "The people living in darkness have seen a great light..." We certainly have. From eternity past to the present. And for the past 24 days.

Keep the light burning, dear friends. You give me joy!

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


Love, love, love the comments!


Anonymous said...

Hey, here's a you have Skype on your PC? It's easy enough to download. Is there computer access for Steve at Sunnyview? I realize it's NOTHING compared to him being there with you but it would be cool to have him 'with' you via Skype while you play those songs and decorate the tree..............................something to think about anyway.
Standing with you,
Sue Cummings

Patricia said...

I know you will feel Steve's absence at your holiday decorating, but I encourage you to rejoice that he is only missing ONE holiday season. If God's loving hand wasn't present on and since Nov. 8 (through the work of the ER staff, rescuers and I'm sure countless others) you could have been facing a much more permanent absence!!! As you place those special ornaments on your tree, smile through the tears that he will once again be home to enjoy them with you in the future!!! That, my friend, is how you will get through it--not sad at your loss this year, but grateful that you will still have many years to come to re-live those traditions.
God Bless,
Patti S.

Kari Bovenzi said...

Hi Loriann!,
Just wanted you to know I am always thinking and praying for you and so thankful for your wonderful writing skills! From my devotion this am: "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." Lamentations 3:22-23 adding that "song" to your Hallelujah chorus will keep your "candles" shining brightly! Love you friend! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Kari B.

Mary Louise said...

Your posts make me cry! I love how the Lord is making His amazing love known to you and I love how you celebrate your love of your husband. It's a wonderful testimony in this world of "we just don't love each other any more". Your marriage is an example of Christ and the church. Hang in there sister. There is a day of rejoicing ahead!

Anonymous said...

I'm' going to make you a copy of my recording of Matt Redman's song, "When All is Said and Done". Some of the lyrics:

"Life's too short to be lukewarm, This I know, This I know/Jesus, you can have it all/My every breath, my every breath/I NEED YOUR POWER TO LIVE THIS LIFE/This I know, this I know/ I CAN'T DO THIS BY MYSELF/YOU'RE CHRIST IN ME/MY ONLY HOPE/MY ONLY HOPE"

HE has shown Himself so incredibly faithful to you in these last 24 days, my beautiful friend. I marvel at the work He has done and the mercy that He has had on Stephen, Hannah and your entire family. In all of that, I know that this present life is so much more difficult than life on November 7th, but you will never be alone in this trial. Yes, many people have done amazing things, but only at the behest of your Loving Heavenly Father. He is seeing to it that every need that you have is met; and though you have and will meet with deep grief and sadness, they will not be your constant companions. He is placing hope all around you - in those 10 seconds of standing for Stephen; in the new and beautiful teeth that Hannah will be sporting soon, and that you will all be together on Christmas Day, celebrating the birth of the only Hope we have in this life. No, it certainly won't be the same as Christmas Day last year - I believe there will be MUCH more rejoicing. I love you. Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann is so right. What faithfulness, what love and mercy God has for us all. How perfect that we celebrate Christmas, the initiation of the greatest gift ever given to us, at the same time as you are being blessed with miraculous healing. How appropriate that so many people have been the very hands of God in your life during a season of thanksgiving and praise. The hope we have through Christ is the reason for the season and your famiy is an example of it's fruition!
Love you!