Saturday, December 12, 2009

Update 12/12/09 Day 34

Dear Friends,

Well, you've heard from the man himself. My favorite Hercules went to the computer at Sunnyview to send his love and greetings. Hopefully soon he'll be able to do that from his own house while he waits out the months ahead until his right side can weight bear. Today he hopped 30 feet. He slide-boarded himself off the wheelchair, and read half of a baseball book given to him by Big Brother Bill. This is all very good. In the land of calamity, there's light down the tunnel. And in it.

I simply must thank those Feathers' and Mighty Matt for the wonderful help with getting a bed. I so couldn't deal with searching, picking, sorting; all the stuff you usually have to do when you are shopping for a large furniture item. They made it so easy for me and so affordable, and I can't possibly say thank you enough. Stephen will rest his broken bones on a comfy bed, and I will rest my tired psyche on that same mattress.... Meanwhile, work on the downstairs room continues with Fab Phyllis dressing windows, Marvelous Mary Beth making pillow coverings and Creative Cathy Rose set to paint bears and pine cones on Monday. The big boys will move my dressers and other furniture and I'll be in tip top shape for a homecoming. That room is just one of the outward expressions of the radical love that surrounds me. I know all of you that are coming to my aid are dealing with your own problems, and that you have health issues, family issues, financial issues, etc..., but you still come. I love you for it.

I still haven't got the blue candles in the windows, and the tree isn't completely decorated, but Christmas has come to the Smith house. Jesus lives here with us, despite our foul ups, mess ups, and mix ups. We are ordinary people, with an extraordinary Savior. In the past 35 days He has come through like the all time, undisputed, undefeated champion of love that He is. You are the living proof of that truth.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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