Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010 One Year Since Crash

Dear Friends,

Had to send one quick note to say thank you again! Tomorrow I begin writing the book. I'll need your prayers for perseverance and grace...

It has truly been an incredible year. There's so much to say...And I hope I can say it well.

I love you more than words can say. I'll be climbing with you always...

Your friend on the pilgrim road,



Anonymous said...

Hallelujah!!!!! We will be praying for you Loriann. I believe this book will be anointed and healing for many who read it.


diane said...

wow - what an undertaking! praying for all of you for continued healing, and for this book to be God's to use in unimaginable ways.

love to you all!


Pamm said...

I miss your blogs, but look forward to the book. God has certainly used this difficult time for your family to work in & reach so many lives. We continue to pray for your family-
the Kuhls

The one, the only said...


You know, I was thinking how amazing it is that it's been a year already since we were sitting with you and your family in the hospital, praying, waiting, and then rejoicing as we saw miracles taking place. It's been an incredible year.

I know that the accident has become something of an anniversary in your life, something to mark the passing of time. But as I was thinking about that (and thinking about the hard times that were/are life markers for me) I realized that this is not the last one. Some day you will be marking the passing of time with weddings and grandchildren and this accident, while it will still be there in the past, will have faded in the light of the bright future God has for your family.

I love you Smiths with all my heart and I miss you terribly! But some more time will pass and I'll be back in your lives before any of us realize it. I hope your fall and Holiday season is amazing! Hugs and kisses from Kiev!


Bubba said...

Good luck. Happy to see a new blog entry. who is publishing the book?
Looking forward...

Larry Tarantino said...

Please contact me when you have completed your book. Our good friend is a major editor at Hyperion in Manhattan. She's edited Kurt Vonnegut, Seinfeld, Caroline Kennedy, and many, many other non-fiction books. Good luck with your writing of this incredible journey.
Happy Thanksgiving
Larry & the gals